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Our Goal


Here at OkieLinux our goal is simple: Simple answers to complex problems. I know what you`re thinking; Linux, that doesnt sound simple to me. Isnt that just for those computer guys? Question: Who uses Your computer more than you. With Linux you can be your own "computer guy"! Not just using your computer, understanding it!

The "Transition" to Linux

Why would you want to make the change to Linux? After all, you`re used to Windows....But what are you really used to?? Virus protection, constant security updates, buying the "latest" software? Freezing, crashing, and the dreaded "Blue screen of death"?? How about licensing agreements? And install disks, you know, the ones you cant find?? ..
Finally, how about speed?? I know, you`re saying; "My Windows runs fast enough" and "I dont mind paying for what I could have for free" or "I like it when a Virus kills my computer". If you are saying that, then you dont need to change a thing!! (YET!)  

But if you want your computer  FAST, safe, and Virus free,... then read on!!

Transitions Linux

A good place to start is Transitions Linux.

Transitions was designed with the Windows user in mind.
Transitions includes a full load of Productivity Software:

A full Office Suite,

A full Graphics Suite,

The fastest Internet Browser available

A fully customizable desktop

Free upgrades and updates

Safety and security on the Internet

Viruses, Updates and the Big $$$

3/4 Million Viruses for Windows, and more. Anti-Virus Software Companys are raking it in, and its a never ending battle. On purpose..

Viruses for Linux, ...well.... I`ve never seen, heard of, or "contracted" one..There is Anti-virus Software available for Linux, but I`ve never needed it..

As for speed, You wont believe your eyes!!! All the Linux systems here at Transitions are based on Puppy Linux.. Puppy was created by Barry Kauler, and is one of the fastest, most advanced Operating Systems in existance.

Because of how Puppy operates, Applications run in RAM, and open almost instantly. Transitions takes full advantage of this speed and Security.

Why do I do This?

Transitions doesnt make money...Its free!!

I do this because everyone should have a safe, fast computer.

Even older computers come alive!!

 Please bear in mind that this site is unfinished, as time is money, and Linux isnt....

As time permits, updates to the site will come.